The 3 Keys to Managing Hyper-Growth


Hyper-Growth is becoming an all too real problem for start-ups. This phase in business growth is where the weak is separated from the strong and the fight for market share, talent, and intellectual property patents begin. Being able to manage hyper-growth is more than a strong leader to handle, that is why the most innovative companies create cultures that are able to sustain and capitalize on hyper-growth.

To create a strong culture there are three items in where you must excel, efficiency, communications and excellence. LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner states “Hyper-growth companies often get so caught up with innovation and the adrenaline rush that they chase the next bright shiny thing at the expense of getting their launch trajectory right”

Efficiency: Make sure the to-do list is concise and the effort you put in is beyond expectations.

Communications: Develop a culture in your organization that is the aspiration of who you wish to be. Building a culture of an organization allows you to dream big and use that dream to inspire others.

Excellence: Great leadership can pave the way to organizational excellence. The excellence in your organization is measured by the speed and quality of your daily decision making.

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Duke men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski’s philosophy is every time the Duke Blue Devils complete a play, on either the offense or defensive side of the court, no matter how well or poorly they performed, the coach yells out the same thing: ‘Next Play’. He doesn’t want the team celebrating if they did something extraordinary, but he also doesn’t want them lamenting a poorly executed play.

How do you manage hyper-growth in your organization?