How to Retain Talented Millennial Employees

Retain Top Millennial Talent in the Workplace

The priority to Millennials when they are seeking an employment opportunity or seeking to run from one is how well that career fits their lifestyle. Their personality and priorities are what shape them in the business world and the more you can fit that into your company the better you will retain talented Millennial workers. The end of company loyalty and the rise of the flexible working environment allowed for the quit and consider mentality that Millennial employees have today. They will quit without a moments hesitation without thinking if they need the job if they don’t feel appreciated, accepted or that it fits their lifestyle. This paradigm shift has forever changed how employers must work with the up and coming generations.

To be clear, personally I am opposed to having your business fit inside each Millennials idea of a happy work environment. However, in reality to win them over and to keep them productive concessions have to be made. Below I have created a cheat sheet of sorts with a number of quick tips on how you can retain Millennials in the workplace.


Quick Tips on how to Retain Top Millennial Talent

  1. Make your career website and application mobile friendly.
  2. Create an employee blog and post the authentic insights and thoughts of your employees.
  3. Create an entertaining video intro to your company. Such as Top 6 Perks You Probably Didn’t Know About Our Company.
  4. Create an entertaining video that goes behind the scenes of the workplace. Millennials appreciate transparency.
  5. Offer virtual tours. Show were they will park, work, eat (surrounding areas outside of work) and what day 1 will look like.
  6. Be simple. Don’t use overcomplicated job descriptions, operational diagrams or compensation plans.
  7. Turn the online application into an experience. Offer a promotion or coupon as a reward for applying.
  8. Use images of real employees in all company collateral (website, marketing, etc.). Kill all stock photos and clip art.
  9. Showcase young leaders in your business.
  10. Shift from an employer to an advisor/advocate. Add value first (like offering tips on how to interview well via a company blog) then ask for their consideration.
  11. Communicate 2-4 potential career paths beyond their entry position.
  12. Specify how your company supports a work/life balance and/or flexible schedules.
  13. Detail top accountabilities and potential challenges they may face.
  14. Define the professional development opportunities offered by your company.
  15. Post your company mission and vision. Describe the “why” for Millennials.
  16. Use your young professionals as your recruiting group. Millennials get Millennials.
  17. Highlight company culture, innovation and professional development if you cannot compete on salary.
  18. Make Millennials first day epic. They just might return the next day with their roommates.
  19. Make the official job offer personal and a big deal.
  20. Adopt a “be everywhere” approach on social networks.
  21. Showcase your new technology and highlight their chance of being an early adopter.
  22. Highlight how new hires can get creative, contribute and innovate on day one.
  23. Highlight the company social perks (happy hours, beer cart on Fridays, kickball team, etc.).
  24. Stress the level of entrepreneurship infused in your company.
  25. Get involved in young professional associations.
  26. Create a project based co-op or internship program.
  27. Emphasize your community as a cool place to live. Millennials pick a city and then look for a job.
  28. Provide a calendar of fun upcoming activities to do in the community (ex: festivals, shopping, outdoor competitions, etc.).
  29. Throw a family and friends work party. Make it fun, quirky and off-the-wall enough that their friends want to join the team.
  30. Sponsor a parent day at a college. Winning over Millennial parents is crucial.
  31. Communicate the volunteer and out reach opportunities available.
  32. Stress diversity whenever possible.