Top Twitter Tips from a PR Pro

Top Twitter Tips

These Top Twitter Tips come to us from Bree Gotsdiner of Publicly Related. Bree got her start in PR and Communications while working with the wildfire service for the parks department. Her crisis communications experience is so unique she is often consulted as an advisor to the government. When asked “What should a professional know when it comes to Twitter?” She responded:

  • A forward thinking communicator will have goals and objectives to their communications strategies.
  • Bloggers are considered key media attention now. Make sure you have blogger friendly content for them to quote you.
  • Formulate action and response strategies using Publicly Related’s PR Blueprint.
  • Always have a notepad, you never know when someone will give you a great tip or trick that you can share with your friends on Twitter.
  • Questions don’t get you into trouble, however finite answers do.
  • Read and monitor the news with Google Alerts, it’s important to know the trending headlines.


  • People will connect with you because of your personality and what you do. Create an interesting bio for higher engagement and more followers.