Do Millennial Leaders Hate to Take Phone Calls?

Millennial Phone Call

It can be confusing why Millennial Leaders are not willing to pick up the phone to have a 5 minute conversation instead of spacing messages throughout the day. Gen Y’s have figured out the secret of multi-tasking, and they are good at it. In their mind when they are speaking to someone whether on the phone or in person, there are several other ideas running through their mind. While they have mastered technologies, they are loosing the skills that make face to face communication so effective.

In the workplace, Millennials are constantly connected with their smartphone rarely far from reach. Understanding that Generation Y grew up with a wide array of communication tools is important. They are often more productive when they are less distracted by face to face conversations or phone calls and allowed to work without distraction. Most of the time this is why they don’t pick up the phone… or maybe it’s you.

What do you think? Do you have a hard time getting a Millennial (1980-2000) to pick up the phone?