Leaders Don’t Say These Words

Millennial Communication

Leadership is best conveyed through communication. Communication is a vital skill for any Millennial to master as most communicating that we do these days remains stored digitally. There are three words that you will never hear a leader utter: I Don’t Care.

Sometimes in life we get so busy we need to prioritize our lives; personal, business and digital. When you say “I Don’t Care” it resonates to the core of the recipient, creating a ripple effect that may affect your reputation for years. No longer does our communication go two ways, there are hundreds of people that are exposed to our communications whether that be through word of mouth or though social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

When you are at a point where you need to take a break, convey your feelings with; “I feel…”. No-one can dispute your feelings, and you will not offend someone by telling them that you don’t care.

What are some of your power words?