Is the new collaborative office “Co-Working” space trend effective for Millennials?


Thanks to forward-thinking brands like Google and Facebook, companies across the country have slowly begun to adopt the collaborative work environment. Glass doors and lowered cubicle walls seek to provide transparency, while multiple lounge areas and laid-back meeting rooms encourage teamwork. This trend looks to revamp the modern day office space, but is it effective for our new generation of workers?

Location, Location, Location

Whereas previous generations valued having a cubicle or office to call home, Millennials don’t share this attachment to private space. This new generation of employees feels dialed in to their work through mobile devices like iPhones and iPads, not constraining desktop computers and landline phones. A collaborative work space encourages workers to move around the office throughout the day instead of staying shackled to a single area. Employers will most likely see increased productivity by turning mundane conference rooms into lounge areas that resemble more of a modern living room than a corporate office.


Speaking Their Minds

Millennials are not the type to shy away from voicing an opinion, especially in the workplace. This generation has been programmed to tweet and blog about every aspect of their day from what they ate for breakfast to what they’re lifting at the gym. Millennials tend to carry over this love of sharing to the workplace as well. These employees will excel in situations where they are placed in a collaborative group and asked to bounce ideas off of one another.


Attract & Retain

The collaborative work space is not just a tool used to keep current employees satisfied. Many companies have found this open floor plan to be a valuable recruiting tool for attracting Millennials. The open, laid-back atmosphere created by a collaborative floor plan gives off the impression of a flexible and innovative corporate culture, something that Millennials value in their job search.


Millennials See, Millennials Do

Gone are the days where lower level and upper level employees were limited to small-talk on an awkward elevator ride. Millennials appreciate the breakdown of the traditional office floor plan where senior employees were holed up in private offices. By design, the collaborative floor plan mixes employees of all levels, and forces them to interact like never before. Why does this benefit Millennials? This vibrant generation wants to learn by watching, not by opening a text book. The collaborative work environment allows entry level employees to connect and learn from respected peers.


Although research shows the Millennial generation favors this shift to an open, collaborative environment, managers should remember there is never a one-size fits all approach to a group of diverse individuals. Be a strong leader and accommodate those who take time to adapt to the new space. Learn more about developing your leadership skills with this easy assessment.