The 5 Factors That Make an Innovative Leader

How To Be An Innovative Leader

True leaders are innovators. Thus, an innovative leader is a style that can foster unparalleled results. Many innovative leaders anchor certain characteristics that make sculptors of success and achievement.

  • “Art begins in imitation and ends in innovation.” – Mason Cooley. Innovative Leadership requires the employment of creativity. This is the art form and medium, that results are best achieved. Using new tactics and creating new strategies to achieve the desired result. Innovative leaders are the catalyst for creation. The creations result in new avenues that will lead the team to prominence.
  • “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein. An innovative leader can ascertain knowledge and use this information to foster the ideal outcome. Imagination is knowing information yet adapting it to conceive a creative means of developing the proper approach. Innovative leaders use their imaginations to innovate. In their abstract thoughts, a deviation from tradition. This deviation has always been the mother of invention. Innovative leaders know this to be essentially true.
  • “The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail.” – Napoleon Hill. With creativity and imagination, there must be persistence. When Thomas Edison discovered the light bulb, many asked if he was finally relieved to figure out the right way to construct it. He replied by saying he was grateful for the failures, because it showed him the improper way of making a light bulb. Persistence is a key ingredient in innovative leadership. Along with a vivid imagination and a creative enthusiasm, there must be a will to continue on in spite of defeat. Innovators see setbacks as a way to create a new manner of achieving success. Persistence is knowing you must try again even when you fail.
  • “What keeps me going is goals” – Muhammad Ali. The champ is right. The champ is also a persistent, creative and imaginative man. All these qualities are employed for a basic concept, meeting goals. An innovative leader creates and imagines new methods to achieve the goal they desire. Persistence is a testament of their devotion and commitment to seeking the goal. Thus, any innovative leader must be goal-oriented. If there was not an objective that had a lot of meaning, and must be met…why then would so many inventors, artists, writers, scientists and idealists endure great tribulation? They all had a vision; they all found a way to make their vision become real. Innovative leaders do the same.
  • “Be very strong… be very methodical in your life if you want to be a champion.” – Alberto Juantores. An innovative leader is methodical in their approach. They are detail oriented and know that certain tasks and steps must be met en route to the grand prize. Thus, these other four characteristics are important. An innovative leader must invent while maintaining focus on the task at hand. Minor details that slip can ultimately alter the course of action that will lead the team to their desired result. An innovative leader must be methodical, recognizing the goal cannot be attained with key details being neglected. A true innovator uses his cognition to imagine and create a pathway that achieves all objectives en route to the ultimate goal.


If you have a goal that you wish to reach, be an Innovator.

Creativity, imagination and meticulous methodology are three pertinent traits you must have to be an innovative leader. Furthermore, you must be goal-oriented and persistent enough to endure any adversity that comes your way. If you have these characteristics, than you may be a truly innovative leader.