How to Increase Twitter Followers

Increase Twitter Followers

Unless you’re a celebrity that receives a ton of followers, you’re wondering how you can increase your followers on twitter.

The best way to increase your followers is by tweeting, but what’s the best way to optimize your activity online to not kill your valuable time…

By tweeting you have the ability to share information, right? The best way to increase your followers is to share targeted, interesting “viral” and relevant information.

How do you know what information will resonate with your existing followers though?

The best way to find out what resonates with your base is to observe similar media outlets and see what articles and links get shared more often. Those shares are going to be your dowsing rod to social media success.

Increase Twitter Followers

Another answer to “How can I increase my followers on Twitter” is the simple solution (which are often the best) increase the amount of people you follow. The more people you follow, the more people that will be exposed to your profile and opt to follow you back.

Another trick to increasing followers is to participate in Follow Friday #FF. This will help you promote your profile to other groups of individuals that are seeking to be connected.

Twitter is a fantastic way of engaging with a broad audience, to learn more about how to build a professional social media brand read A Professional’s Guide to Social Media.