The 5 Factors That Make an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Emotionally Intellegent Leadership

The greatest leaders are those that establish a deep and emotional bond with their followers.

Throughout the course of human history, we have encountered great men and women who have identified and connected with their peers. This bond was forged from a mutual conviction for a great cause. This cause based on a dream. This dream became true and all were filled with jubilee and ecstasy when triumph was attained. Emotional Intelligent Leaders have the capacity and capability to make any possibility, a distinguishable reality.

Here are five factors that make an Emotionally Intelligent Leader, a true impact player:

  •  Empathy is a tool for building people into groups, for allowing us to function as more than self-obsessed individuals.” – Neil Gaiman  – An Emotionally Intelligent Leader employs a profound ability to empathize with others. They have an uncanny way of living through the eyes of the people they guide. It is more than simply, speaking up for a cause or calling others to rise for action. It is the knowledge and perspective that gauges the roots of the cause and the motivation of those involved. Emotional Intelligence Leadership thrives, if this concept is mastered.
  • “The dew of compassion is a tear.” – Lord Byron – Compassion and empathy are two distinct concepts. While empathy is simply understanding the perspective and situation of another…compassion is synonymous with sympathy. Sympathy is feeling remorse and showing great care and compassion for another. An Emotionally Intelligent Leaders strives to do both. This leadership style is very much in tune with relating to others and passionately aiding those in overcoming adverse circumstances. Compassion is the fuel behind this very facet.
  •  “Love is the greatest of all” – St. Paul – An Emotionally Intelligent Leader is a loving person. It has been previously established that to lead, is to serve. Thus, the leadership style is that of a servant. These commanders not issue orders but accommodate requests. Emotional Intelligence Leadership is based upon the premise of love and its immense presence. The captain of any ship knows his boat and his crew…and they are willing to go down with this ship and protect its crew at any costs. The greatest act of love is to lay down one’s life for their friends. Emotionally Intelligent Leaders know this, embrace this and are willing to do this out of love for the people that follow them.
  •   “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the presence to carry on when fear is present.” – Martin Lawrence – Emotionally Intelligent Leaders are courageous by nature. Understanding the concerns and worries of those they lead, an Emotionally Intelligent Leader will step in to the shadow of uncertainty to provide light for their constituents. An Emotionally Intelligent Leader will take on any task before subjecting their peers to the harrowing possibilities that surround it.
  •    “Hope is the thing with feathers…never did it ask a thing of me.” – Emily Dickinson – Emotionally Intelligent Leaders cling to hope. These men and women are fueled by the belief that anything is truly possible. When the team has met failures over and over again, and trepidation begins to choke the aspirations of many….An Emotionally Intelligent Leader will find strength and reason to persist. This is solely based on a hope that circumstances will become better. Hope is contagious…it spreads rapidly once it is found.

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders exemplify empathy and compassion. They are loving, courageous and hopeful people. These remarkable prospects tune any officer in with the people that they serve. This type of cohesiveness, is essential and can propel any team to ascend meteorically.