7 Twitter Tips *you haven’t considered

Confused by Twitter?

This social network can seem like mayhem at times, however don’t let that stop you.

If it’s your goal to dive into Twitter, let’s get you started on the right foot.

Once you get the hang of it you’ll be tweeting like a pro.

Here are some Twitter Tips for you to get started.


1. Make a Twitter Specific Landing Page

Are you driving traffic from your twitter profile to your website? Consider making a Twitter specific page for anyone who find you on there. This is a great way to conduct surveys, giveaways or contests through your website in the future.

To change your Twitter profile link, click the gear icon on the top right of your Twitter page, and go to Settings. Then click Profile in the left sidebar.

2. Tell People Your Twitter Handle

Now that you’re rocking on Twitter, let people know how to connect with you on there. Throw your @Twitter handle up on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ profile for maximum cross-benefit.

Also consider using it on your marketing material, e-mail signature,  business cards or just tattooing it on your forehead for maximum exposure.


3. Schedule Your Tweets like a pro

You can spend hours getting sucked in to the void online which is social media and never get any work done. Do yourself a favor and schedule out your Twitter feed for at least a few weeks.

You can use HootSuite, Buffer or others to take care of this.

4. Spy on Your Competition

Twitter offers lists. You can collect groups of people, businesses or celebrities and add them to a private list.

Track your competitors on a list and find out what they are sharing that gets retweets so you can hone your marketing for maximum impact.

5. Create a Hashtag Collection

If you are using Google Pay-Per-Click, you know which keywords are important to you. Find out what hashtags your customers are using on Twitter.

Use hashtags when running promos. Hashtags are a great way to tap into an already existing conversation online and potentially make your campaign go viral.

6. Don’t be Lame, Use Images to Tweet

Images go a long way on Twitter.

Use images as much as possible to stand out on Twitter.

To add a photo or other image, click the camera icon in the “Compose” box and choose a file.

7. Offer Twitter(xclusive) Coupons

Check out TwtQpon to offer coupons through Twitter.

Build up your followers by offering “Twitter Only” discounts that people need to follow you to get.

If you have something in demand, you’ll see your followers rise and rise.


What are your top twitter tips?

How to Increase Twitter Followers

Unless you’re a celebrity that receives a ton of followers, you’re wondering how you can increase your followers on twitter.

The best way to increase your followers is by tweeting, but what’s the best way to optimize your activity online to not kill your valuable time…

By tweeting you have the ability to share information, right? The best way to increase your followers is to share targeted, interesting “viral” and relevant information.

How do you know what information will resonate with your existing followers though?

The best way to find out what resonates with your base is to observe similar media outlets and see what articles and links get shared more often. Those shares are going to be your dowsing rod to social media success.

Increase Twitter Followers

Another answer to “How can I increase my followers on Twitter” is the simple solution (which are often the best) increase the amount of people you follow. The more people you follow, the more people that will be exposed to your profile and opt to follow you back.

Another trick to increasing followers is to participate in Follow Friday #FF. This will help you promote your profile to other groups of individuals that are seeking to be connected.

Twitter is a fantastic way of engaging with a broad audience, to learn more about how to build a professional social media brand read A Professional’s Guide to Social Media.

Top Twitter Tips from a PR Pro

These Top Twitter Tips come to us from Bree Gotsdiner of Publicly Related. Bree got her start in PR and Communications while working with the wildfire service for the parks department. Her crisis communications experience is so unique she is often consulted as an advisor to the government. When asked “What should a professional know when it comes to Twitter?” She responded:

  • A forward thinking communicator will have goals and objectives to their communications strategies.
  • Bloggers are considered key media attention now. Make sure you have blogger friendly content for them to quote you.
  • Formulate action and response strategies using Publicly Related’s PR Blueprint.
  • Always have a notepad, you never know when someone will give you a great tip or trick that you can share with your friends on Twitter.
  • Questions don’t get you into trouble, however finite answers do.
  • Read and monitor the news with Google Alerts, it’s important to know the trending headlines.


  • People will connect with you because of your personality and what you do. Create an interesting bio for higher engagement and more followers.

5 Tips to Get More Twitter Shares

Content marketing is here to stay.

By writing out your best tips and tricks, you’re able to convince others of your expertise.

The breakdown of content marketing is 1% of people create it, 9% share it and 90% simply read it.

Therefore the best way to increase your followers, readers and website traffic you must become an excellent content marketer.

In this post, I’m going to share my best tips for getting more shares on Twitter.

  1. Write Amazing Content. The question I’m most often asked is “How can I get more views to my website?”. The best tip is simple, write amazing shareable content. The better the information the more shares, tweets and mentions you’ll receive. The best posts to get others to share include How To’s, Lists and Amazing facts. Do you know what type of content your readers share?
  2. Use ClickToTweet. Create a pre-populated tweet using this tool: ClickToTweet Share a quote, stat or tip that that takes up less than 140 characters and attach a link to your website wherever possible to drive traffic back.
  3. Use Share Buttons. Using social share buttons on your website automatically boosts the chance someone would share your blog post by 1 billion percent according to a statistic I just made up. It’s common sense, if you want to have others share your content the easier you can make it on them the more they will share it.
  4. Use Email Marketing to Get Tweets. You can add website share buttons to your marketing emails don’t miss this opportunity to get more social shares through your email subscribers. Add quotes and stats to your email marketing with click to tweet buttons to see your social mentions skyrocket.
  5. Ask for a Share. Can you imagine… Often just asking for something will get you a result. In your call to action ask that if they enjoyed the information that they share it with their friends. You may also want to ask for re-tweets on Twitter. My research has clearly shown that when someone asks “Please Retweet” on Twitter there is a notable increase in shares.

What are your best tips to get more Twitter shares?

Please let us know with a comment or a tweet! We’d also appreciate a share if you found this post useful.