5 Tips to Get More Twitter Shares

Get More Twitter Shares

Content marketing is here to stay.

By writing out your best tips and tricks, you’re able to convince others of your expertise.

The breakdown of content marketing is 1% of people create it, 9% share it and 90% simply read it.

Therefore the best way to increase your followers, readers and website traffic you must become an excellent content marketer.

In this post, I’m going to share my best tips for getting more shares on Twitter.

  1. Write Amazing Content. The question I’m most often asked is “How can I get more views to my website?”. The best tip is simple, write amazing shareable content. The better the information the more shares, tweets and mentions you’ll receive. The best posts to get others to share include How To’s, Lists and Amazing facts. Do you know what type of content your readers share?
  2. Use ClickToTweet. Create a pre-populated tweet using this tool: ClickToTweet Share a quote, stat or tip that that takes up less than 140 characters and attach a link to your website wherever possible to drive traffic back.
  3. Use Share Buttons. Using social share buttons on your website automatically boosts the chance someone would share your blog post by 1 billion percent according to a statistic I just made up. It’s common sense, if you want to have others share your content the easier you can make it on them the more they will share it.
  4. Use Email Marketing to Get Tweets. You can add website share buttons to your marketing emails don’t miss this opportunity to get more social shares through your email subscribers. Add quotes and stats to your email marketing with click to tweet buttons to see your social mentions skyrocket.
  5. Ask for a Share. Can you imagine… Often just asking for something will get you a result. In your call to action ask that if they enjoyed the information that they share it with their friends. You may also want to ask for re-tweets on Twitter. My research has clearly shown that when someone asks “Please Retweet” on Twitter there is a notable increase in shares.

What are your best tips to get more Twitter shares?

Please let us know with a comment or a tweet! We’d also appreciate a share if you found this post useful.